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Test - Patch test / Open test

Close-up young beautiful face of girl applying moisturize cream - isolated - stock photoThe most frequent safety studies, carried out in volunteers with normal or sensitive skin, are:

  • • Single Patch Test (unique application under occlusion)
  • • Open Test (non-occlusive repeated application)
  • • Sensitizing and allergenic potential (HRPT: Human Repeated Insult Patch Test)
  • • Long term skin compatibility studies (In-use test in normal conditions with safety evaluation)

Studies are performed with the control and supervision of dermatologists, ophthalmologists, pediatricians, dentists and gynecologists. Immediate, delayed, repeated and long term reactions are verified in order to confirm the appropriate safety profile of a cosmetic product.


All the tests and studies are performed in a Clinical Center in Pamplona and healthy volunteers participating in the studies are selected based on the skin properties (normal, sensitive and extremely sensitive skin) or gender (women or men) or age (young skin, mature skin, and children).