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Efficacy studies

Efficacy studies are mainly performed to justify claims which can be attributed to a cosmetic product. A large variety of claims exists, such as:

- Moisturizing effectcrema
- Firming effect
- Anti-age effect
- Anti-oxidative effect
- Elasticity
- Sebum regulator
- Anti-cellulite
- Anti-perspirant
- Depigmentation
- Water-resistance

- And many more...

All these claims should be based, in the first place, on the properties of the ingredients of a cosmetic product. The properties and characteristics are normally described in bibliographic references, unless the ingredient is totally new.

In order to demonstrate cosmetic product claim or efficacy, clinical studies are performed in healthy volunteers, by application of the product in specific treatment areas and using instrumental measurement which collect information on the aspect of the skin before and after the product applications.

A variety of skin analyzers exist which are used for an objective measurement of the cosmetic efficacy and the most known are: Corneometer, Cutometer, Mexameter, Sebometer, Tewameter and high precision camera such as VisioScan o VisioLine.

The professionals working in ANMAR Clinical Services have a large experience in clinical studies and design and develop clinical projects tailored to its clients needs.